What are Swyfft’s billing types?

We do monthly automatic payments using the insured’s credit, debit, or checking account. We also can take full payments with credit, debit and checking accounts and they will get billed automatically on the renewal date. Lastly, we can also bill the mortgagee from the insured’s escrow account.

Do you write houses directly on the water?

We do write property directly on the water, as long as the house is not built on stilts.

Do you cover boats?

We cover up to $1,500 on watercraft of all kinds, including their trailers, furnishings, equipment and outboard engines or motors. This coverage is included within the Coverage C limit, and is not an additional limit.

What is the maximum home value that Swyfft covers?

We can offer coverage for homes with up to a $2,000,000 estimated value.

A customer owns two houses; can we insure both?

We can, as long as the second house is not rented to others.

Will you write homes with pools and trampolines?

Yes. If the pool is in-ground, we require that it is fenced in.

Does Swyfft cover golf carts?

Yes, the coverage is provided with the Enhanced Personal Property endorsement.

Do you have any acreage constraints?

No, we will write homes on 5+ acres of property.

Can we write a home with a horse that lives on site?

Please give us a call to further discuss the details.

Can we write a home with a chicken coop?

That is acceptable as long as the coop is used for private use only, not a commercial business.

Will you write a home with polybutylene piping?

No we will not accept that risk.